DAYLIGHT Law Firm was founded in 2013 by Maxim Parasochka, a professional lawyer who built an effective team which specializes in protecting the interests of medium-sized and large-sized companies. Employees of the company are competent specialists in the following areas: arbitration, bankruptcy, corporate and tax practices, land and real estate. Ex-employees of arbitration courts are also hired by the company. These are people who have got vast experience and well-established network as well as the knowledge of working principles “from the other side of the fence”.

Cooperation with clients is based on the principle of regular interaction. That is why the feeback rule is applied: clients make a request to the DAYLIGHT Law Firm before they have any deal and make the final important decision only after the lawyer gives his advice. This explains the non-standard name – DAYLIGHT, which has got such definitions as “dawn” or “openness”. After all, clear skies and transparent business prospects are possible only with reliable legal support.

Values of DAYLIGHT Law Firm are: reputation, long-term relationships with clients, ability to use a non-standard approach to effectively solve client cases. Lawyers of the company clearly assess the prospects, explain the consequences of the actions taken, calculate the risks which might affect the financial result. The task of the company is to lead its clients, which means not only to truly understand them, but also to become quickly involved in various situations in order to promptly resolve all the legal issues.

5 years

of successful practice

5 billion rubles

were challenged by DAYLIGHT Law Firm employees

5 complex bankruptcies

were conducted by our lawyers in 2018

1560 hours

on avarage per year are spent in court sessions by the team of DAYLIGHT Law Firm