Judicial dispute with MegaFon PJSC

DAYLIGHT Law Firm represented the interests of the Client, who took part in the auction in the end of 2015. The subject of that auction was the lease rights to land in the Moscow region.

Bidding was won by him; in addition, protocols were obtained on the results of bidding, but in early 2016, the Client had found out that MegaFon PJSC filed a statement to the Moscow Region Arbitration Court with a number of requirements:
– to recognize the action / inaction of the Ministry of Regional Property of the Moscow Region as illegal;
– to recognize auction as failed;
– to cancel the results of the auction, because the equipment of MegaFon PJSC, namely cell towers, was located at these sites.

Accordingly, the court of first instance (Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region) had satisfied in full the claims of the plaintiff. Right after that the Client applied to DAYLIGHT Law Firm to challenge the court decision and protect his legal rights.

Lawyers of DAYLIGHT Law Firm compiled an appeal, held about 8 court sessions, as a result of which the complaint was satisfied by the Tenth Arbitration Appeal Court, the decision of the first instance was canceled and a new judicial act was adopted.

MegaFon PJSC appealed to the cassation instance to challenge this act. But after 4 court sessions, in which DAYLIGHT Law Firm defended the interests of its client, the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District dismissed the cassation appeal of MegaFon PJSC, and the appeal decision remained in force.